2016 Winter/Spring schedules : Days of a Beekeeper
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2016 Winter/Spring schedules

by john speckman on 01/12/16

Due to the larger than normal loss of bee colonies this past full, we have located a Package Bee supplier that we will be using this spring for 3# packages of bees, some of which we will be using, and selling the rest... If interested, please send a msg...


We have a trip to east texas in march to get more brood (young bees that have not hatched), and will be using some to makeup new Nuc's for spring buildup...


Depending on how the remaining colonies do this winter, we expect to make another 100 - 150 colonies from our own bees, and with the addition of packages and bees we get from east texas.. expect to be around 500 colonies for this upcoming  honey season.

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