Days of a Beekeeper
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Days of a Beekeeper

texas status

by john speckman on 04/21/22

Well, been a super busy spring in texas, made lots of new bee hives, and are now in the process  of moving them back to Kansas. The Kansas colonies are growing quite nicely, with alot of additional feeding to keep them on track

2017 - checkup

by john speckman on 01/19/17

We look at 109  colonies (Hives) of bees today,wanted to check on how much weight they had to insure enough stores to make it to March.. Happy to report that we only lost (4) colonies of bees, and about 15 colonies needed some extra feed to make it at least another month...

We have started our list of people that are wanting to purchase some bees for the upcoming year, have had quite a bit of interest.

Getting ready for our first class (of 3) on beginning beekeeping on Feb 3rd.. again quite a bit of  interest...


Spring 2016..

by john speckman on 03/09/16

What a great winter we have had,,, mild temps... bees really enjoyed those temps.

Have been thru all our colonies, and thus far, they are about 2-3 weeks ahead of schedule.  We are preparing colonies and equipment for the upcoming spring work, will be making a lot of new colonies this spring, to help us with the high demand for our Local Honey...

2016 Winter/Spring schedules

by john speckman on 01/12/16

Due to the larger than normal loss of bee colonies this past full, we have located a Package Bee supplier that we will be using this spring for 3# packages of bees, some of which we will be using, and selling the rest... If interested, please send a msg...


We have a trip to east texas in march to get more brood (young bees that have not hatched), and will be using some to makeup new Nuc's for spring buildup...


Depending on how the remaining colonies do this winter, we expect to make another 100 - 150 colonies from our own bees, and with the addition of packages and bees we get from east texas.. expect to be around 500 colonies for this upcoming  honey season.

2015 Year in Review

by john speckman on 12/03/15

Well 2015 sure was a interesting year. Weather started out nice in the spring, then the rain started, rained most of May and June, which are the months that the bees collect our initial Clover honey, as a result of all the rain, our production was down 40%.. but we were lucky and had increased our production count of colonies, and it helped out in the long run. The fall has been great with the mild temps and no freeze until late Nov, which gave us plenty of time to insure all the bees had plenty of food for the winter. We are now preparing for the 2016 season which hopefully will be a great year. We have placed a order for Package Bees to help out with our students in the bee class's, and maybe used to replace or increase our number of honey colonies for the coming year. We are trying something new this year, and that is getting some bees from NE Texas early to help boost our overwintered colonies, and create at least another 100 colonies to gather the great Clover honey in our area.