Days of a Beekeeper
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Days of a Beekeeper

Feb 7-8 Beekeeping Class

by john speckman on 02/18/15

We had a nice turnout for our first beekeeping class of 2015.. We had 17 people join the class for the Friday evening session, and Saturday day class.

As in the past, we like to limit the number of people to around 20 students. Lots of very good questions were asked, and excited beekeepers in the making..

Still have some openings in the next class for March...

First Check for 2015

by john speckman on 01/17/15

With the warmer weather the last couple of days, I was able to look at 4 yards of bees,, (About 50 colonies), and seem to be in GREAT shape as for population, and feed stores... was necessary to feed the ones that needed it, and am seeing about a 8% loss, which if this continues for the rest of the winter, we should see a very good survial rate. This would mean we can increase our total counts to over our expected counts, and should have 400+ producing colonies for the honeyflow in June 2015.

American Beekeeping Conference 2015

by john speckman on 01/11/15

Wrapping up a trip to California for the ABF annual conference, what a  busy 5 days of meetings and talks... Allways great to attend these as we allways learn something. This year I presented two programs will in attendance. Lots of good questions.

Now have lots of projects to start & complete before spring arrives. Little concerned for the bees, as it has  been really cold and very low wind chill factors... hoping we get some 40-50 degree days pretty soon, as the the bees really need to fly around for a while...


Annual American Beekeeping Federation Conference

by john speckman on 01/06/15

We are attending the ABF meeting in Anaheim, California... got to say the weather has been great in the low 80's the last couple of days. We are excited to atttend this annual conference, as we allways leave learning new things, and getting pumped up for the upcomming year. Stay tuned for new things on the web site.

2014 Year in review....

by john speckman on 12/08/14

2014 Has been a great year for us... we have been  able to replace all the bees lost during the winter of 2013, and even added to our overall colony count. The honey producing months of June thru August proved to be better that the previous 2 years.  We have been busy getting the girls ready for winter, and to do some supplement feeding to get the necessary weight for the comming cold weather... ususally  like to have the hives weight between 100 # and 150#. this will be enough food to last the winter.

This winters chores will be building new boxes to replace any that are needed, also planning on increasing our numbers to over 450 colonies for the 2015 season, and this will take quite a bit of additional equipment.

We will be attending the 2015 ABF (American Beekeeping Federation) annual meeting in California in January 2015. Will be giving a couple of talks on beekeeping, looking forward to seeing old friends, and meeting new beekeepers.


We want to say thanks to all of you that have bought our honey, we strive to have a Pure Natural product, and greatly appreciate the business.