2017 - checkup : Days of a Beekeeper
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2017 - checkup

by john speckman on 01/19/17

We look at 109  colonies (Hives) of bees today,wanted to check on how much weight they had to insure enough stores to make it to March.. Happy to report that we only lost (4) colonies of bees, and about 15 colonies needed some extra feed to make it at least another month...

We have started our list of people that are wanting to purchase some bees for the upcoming year, have had quite a bit of interest.

Getting ready for our first class (of 3) on beginning beekeeping on Feb 3rd.. again quite a bit of  interest...


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1. Bruce Lane said on 2/20/17 - 11:21PM
Enjoyed your presentation on "splits and requeening " at the NEKBA meeting. could not take notes fast enough, could you post your power point ? So some key points could be captured. I need to be successful at making a split in March. Thanks Again!ra

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