Feb Inspections : Days of a Beekeeper
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Feb Inspections

by john speckman on 03/02/14

Looks like the cold winter has really taken a toll on our bees, have lost quite a few  colonies over this colder than normal winter, but are planning on rebuilding colonies with  more splits and packages this spring. Have been putting on sugar cakes to help them get to food more easily... The cold weather seems to be affecting the ability to move to honey frames, and the are just starving in the clusters.

As normal this winter we have been busy rebuilding equipment and making new boxes and frames. Just need to put the foundation into the frames and they will be ready for the bees this spring.

Hope that March is a more normal month for the weather, really need some warmer days so the bees can fly, and the maples with produce the pollen that the girls need to get a got shot to start the brood rearing that they need to start.

Comments (2)

1. Hector Autry said on 8/8/14 - 07:36AM
What ratio do you use when you make your 'sugar cakes' for feeding your bees in winter?
2. john speckman said on 1/17/15 - 09:26PM
we just add enough water to make the sugar mixture really thick, not runny, but thich as in like mud....

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